Saturday, October 13, 2012

Memories by the Shore

Memories by the Shore by Allison Snyder

Growing up my sister, Hannah, and I always enjoyed our yearly beach trips and the evenings spent embracing the ocean air and breezes that rolled in with the tides.  Looking back now I would not change one part of my past in this paradise.

Medium: Acrylic Paint
This piece was inspired by Christine Maclellan's piece that I saw in her art studio.  Mrs. Christine has taught me everything I know about art, starting with basic sketching and working up to a life devoted to art.

Aurora Borealis

Medium: Pastels
By: Allison Snyder, Maya Horton, Ashley Stewert
Inspired by the movie Brother Bear (directed by Robert A. Walker and Aaron Blaise) and the beauty of the Aura Boreas (northern lights).

Friday, September 28, 2012

"A" boat

"A" boat

A font for sailors and those who enjoy boats in general

Venas de Calor

Venas de Calor

Medium: Watercolor
Snyder expresses her thoughts on love and the human body in the piece Venas de Calor.  The heart feeds the rest of the body through veins.  When the heart is broken blues and purples run through the blood.  When blood is opened the the world it becomes red and exposed to love.  With love of family, friends, and a partner, life is more colorful and enjoyable.