Saturday, October 13, 2012

Memories by the Shore

Memories by the Shore by Allison Snyder

Growing up my sister, Hannah, and I always enjoyed our yearly beach trips and the evenings spent embracing the ocean air and breezes that rolled in with the tides.  Looking back now I would not change one part of my past in this paradise.

Medium: Acrylic Paint
This piece was inspired by Christine Maclellan's piece that I saw in her art studio.  Mrs. Christine has taught me everything I know about art, starting with basic sketching and working up to a life devoted to art.

Aurora Borealis

Medium: Pastels
By: Allison Snyder, Maya Horton, Ashley Stewert
Inspired by the movie Brother Bear (directed by Robert A. Walker and Aaron Blaise) and the beauty of the Aura Boreas (northern lights).