Monday, December 2, 2013

Imagine the Impossible

The theme I chose to run with was imagine the impossible. My whole life revolves around speed and times in the water. I thought it would come in handy to be faster than the speed of light. This piece was very out of my comfort zone because it dealt with motion and capturing a story instead of just scenery. This skill will come in very handy when I create my concentration pieces on national parks and their history. Capturing stories in pieces is challenging at first, like every other skill, but is one I must learn to portray before starting on my concentration pieces.

I decided to work with line in this piece  because part of speed is getting from one point to another as fast as possible. A line is the shortest route between two points.

Acrylic is the medium I will be working with in my concentration pieces so I will continue to practice withit in the future.

I enjoyed this project and got much positive feedback on the final outcome. I had no idea what the piece was going to turn out to be. I was very happy with the final piece.

Imagine the Impossible

Allie Snyder
Medium: Acrylic and Medium
November 2013