Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project 10 (more to be added)

 For my last project I wanted to go back to using Photoshop. I loved the Photoshop class I took last semester and I wanted to take a brake from the canvas. As everyone knows, I am a swimmer and my whole life revolves around the sport. I eat, sleep, and plan studies around practice times and goals I have for college swimming.  A old summer league and high school coach took pictures of me at my last apex meet that I used in this project. I really enjoyed this project because it brought back many skills in Photoshop I had not used in a while and I got to express some of my athletic life in my art life. I love combining my interest.
Images taken by Catherine Grimes

My Photoshop edits:
More will be added to this piece soon. :) Stay tuned!!

Artwork for Portfolio

These are some of the pieces I have done in the past. The first image is made with all wallpaper and the second image is made with all watercolors.

The following pictures are all made with acrylic paint.  I plan to use acrylic on all of my concentration pieces.  I will add in techniques to the pieces, however.  I have learned how to use oils on top of acrylic and how to use a pallet knife (like the flower picture here) and other mediams to make my pieces really pop.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Petals of Seasons Changing

For my second to last project I needed to let my creative, spontaneous side show. I wanted to just let my hands create without my mind having plans and ideas. I had a basic goal of having the four seasons combine with petals, that also change throughout the flowers life, but, other than that, my creativity was free to run wild. 
My project started out looking like this:

The background is all wallpaper. I loved the look of it being similar on each petal but not completely the same.  A flower changes through its life but not so much to the point that you cannot tell it is the same type of flower. The leaves may wilt and turn brown or darker but it does not change too drastically. I chose petals of flowers because leaves of trees are a whole nother story. Trees change colors regularly.

The final product:

 Petals of Seasons Changing

Allie Snyder

 December 2013

Medium: Wallpaper, water solublie colored pencils, water color, sharpie 

Throughout creating this pieces, I had to take many peers opinions on what to add. I added a border to the piece and placed purple strategically throughout the piece to make it look like one unit. The boarder looked too bold so I used sharpies to tie in the wallpaper on the boarder to the wallpaper on the petals' background.

I enjoyed this project. Sometimes you just have to let your creative juices flow to see what cool and new ideas you can add to future pieces. THis project was a perfect turning page to next semester in AP art.