Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project 10 (more to be added)

 For my last project I wanted to go back to using Photoshop. I loved the Photoshop class I took last semester and I wanted to take a brake from the canvas. As everyone knows, I am a swimmer and my whole life revolves around the sport. I eat, sleep, and plan studies around practice times and goals I have for college swimming.  A old summer league and high school coach took pictures of me at my last apex meet that I used in this project. I really enjoyed this project because it brought back many skills in Photoshop I had not used in a while and I got to express some of my athletic life in my art life. I love combining my interest.
Images taken by Catherine Grimes

My Photoshop edits:
More will be added to this piece soon. :) Stay tuned!!

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