Monday, April 29, 2013

Brushes Tutorial

Abstract Brush

Medium: Photoshop

In this tutorial we learned how to add brushed in Photoshop and how to change brushes color, size, and movement.  I love this artwork.  I think it is more abstract than I am used to but I see the emotion and thrill in this type of art once I created it.  The one problem I ran into was remembering to download brushes from Brusheezy instead of just images.  I did not click on the brushes tab and ran into obvious problems when trying to download the "brushes" into Photoshop.  I enjoyed this lesson and look forward to using it in future projects.

Allie Snyder 4/29/13

Friday, April 26, 2013

Parts Project

Parts Project

Medium: Photoshop

I enjoyed this project but if I were to do it again I would choose objects that went with the dolphins movements and left some white space.  I think that my dolphin has too much, and while more is more, the eye has no place to rest.  I enjoyed this project and working with Photoshop again.

Allie Snyder 4/26/13

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hand Portfolio

Hand Portfolio

Medium: Illustrator

Through this project I learned to love Illustrator.  Once you get used to the differences from Photoshop and Illustrator, you can easily learn and operate Illustrator.  I love the color scheme but I would like to learn how to create my own.  My favorite colors are salmon, aqua blue, and teal.  I kept my color scheme limited to salmon and purple to create unity.  I love this project and love using my new skills to portray myself. 

Allie Snyder 4/18/13

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hannah Snyder: Rookie of the Year (2012-2013)

Hannah Snyder

Medium: Photoshop

I am more than proud of my sister for being named the CAA Rookie of the Year.  This is a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of hte hard work she put forth the achieve her goals and receive this award.  I love her and she has always been my role model. I know that swimming for Towson and having her team training and cheering beside her drives her love for swimming. I made a photo to represent this. LETS GO TOWSON TIGERS!!

Allison Snyder 4/12/13

Symbols Sprayer

Summer Confetti

Medium: Illustrator

My symbol was a bucket and shovel at the beach.  I am more than ready for summer and the beach!! The warm weather here recently has got me summer shopping and beach resort scoping.  I love the illustrator tools now and am learning so many new ways to change vector based images. 

Allie Snyder 4/12/13

Thursday, April 11, 2013

2D Logos

2D Logo

Medium: Illustrator

I found that you can move the gradient by using the gradient tool in the left tool bar.  I enjoy this program now.  It doesn't allow the creativity that I enjoy most like Photoshop but I still love creating 3D and 2D figures. 

Allie Snyder 4/11/13

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3D logos

3D Logos

Medium: Illustrater

The only problem I ran into on this assignment was I could not change the location of the center when using hte gradient tool.  I will have to find out how to get the bar to appear so I can work with it.  I like this and I never knew how easy it was to create a simple, striking 3D logo.  I am slowly beginning to like illustrater.

Allie Snyder-April 10, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky

Medium: Illustrator

I am not a fan, as predicted, of the pen tool and will need practice with it.  I do not like how you can not go back more than one step.  If oyu mess up there is no turning back.  I will continue to work with the pen too on different shapes and objects.  I love the gradient look.  It makes the rubber duck look realistic with a side of humor.  I am beginning to like illustrator but not as much as I love photoshop. 

April 9, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013



Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a lot like photoshop but completely different.  You have all of the same tools but each tool does a different action from photoshop.  I enjoy this program so far and think that having knowledge of both illustrator and photoshop will be useful in creating a final, big project.  My favorite part of this project was the gradient because you can create as many colors as you want and you can control the distance between colors.  Effects are fun to play with (the bottom 4 flowers) and create different moods in the artwork.

Allie Snyder 4/8/13