Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Breaking Down

For my sixth project in Art IV, I used a theme I created, breaking down. I pondered through ideas for this piece and wanted to put a spin on its negative meaning to most people. My list started out with ideas that reflected heartache and depressing topics. When you think of breaking it usually brings negative thoughts to mind. How was I going to change this outlook? I began to look into Picasso and his breaking down of detailed works into shapes. I loved this idea and knew water color would give me the effect I wanted.

I wish I had more time to spend on this project but I had one weekend to complete the assignment. I worked really hard on my Over the Edge project and ran out of time for this.  I love how well the final looks being this was my first time working with this medium, watercolor. Once the piece was created I felt something was missing. The rocks were just not enough to give the piece natural beauty. I added a lighthouse that was very bold and drew the eye in. This gave the piece a clear topic of emphasis. The boldness and royal blue color attracts the eye.

I really enjoyed water color. I wonder if water color could be put ith acrylic somehow..? This will be something to experient on future projects. 

My Plan:

My References:

My final :) The photograph doesn't capture its real beauty. To me, the colors are a lot bolder in person.

Breaking Down

Allie Snyder

Medium: Watercolor

November 2, 2013