Thursday, October 24, 2013

Over the Edge

For this project I had planned on painting a bridge for the theme over the edge. I drew out a couple sitting on a bridge with an emphasis on them.

Emphasis was going to be my topic using the people in bright colors. In the end, emphasis was still the theme but using rocks. After exploring the skill of palate knife painting, I discovered a talent in it. I love the way the knife made the rocks seem so realistic.

My media was acrylic. I love acrylic painting. It is something I have been working with for many years. I love painting sunsets so painting the water and sunset int he background was very natural for me. After seeing how good the painting turned out before the bridge was painting in, I decided to save that idea for project six and complete the painting with an extra layer of mountains faded in the background.

The theme would still fit and I could work with adding to the background easily. I used medium to dull out the mountains and make them appear to be in the distance behind the previously painted mountains. I really enjoyed this project and working with the acrylic medium.

 I can not wait to start project six and go with my plan of a couple on the bridge.

The following pictures map out the processes and steps I took to complete this project:

Over the Edge
Allie Snyder
Medium: Acrylic and medium
October 24, 2013

Class Comments :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Homework piece: 2D to 3D art

I love doing this art. Seeing ordinary objects in  a completely different way lets your imagination run wild.

Tea Kite
Medium: Pen, Tea bag and folder
Allie Snyder
October 7, 2013

Pairs (Project 4)

For my fourth project I went with the theme of Pairs. I brainstormed objects that are always together. As always, the ideas got more creative as the list went down. I ended up with the idea of a knife and a fork.
Next it was time to plan. I went through many ideas and designs before I reached my final decision of using stings and nails on a board. 

The nailing process was the most time consuming of this project and the winding of yarn between nails was the most time consuming. I loved this project. On the drawn parts I used paint pens. They glide easily across the table cloth fabric. The simple elegance of the final piece was worth all the hard work.  I can see me using line art in the future in art. 

My topic was asymmetrical balance because of the way the two pieces (or pairs) need to go together to look like one piece. The weight evens it self out when the pieces are stacked.
The final piece medium was mixed media (yard, table cloth, nails, and paint pens). 
And at last the final piece..
Medium: yard, table cloth, nails, and paint pens
Allie Snyder
October 7, 2013

Along for the Ride (Project 3)

For my third project I went along with the theme of Along for the Ride. I brainstormed some ideas for this and came up with a lot of objects involved in movement. Then I started thinking outside the box about moments in life that you go along with. I came up with the idea of relationships that later lead me to the idea of a wedding dress.
My chosen medium was paper sculpture. Weddings are very detailed and so is paper sculpting. On Pinterest I saw a wedding dress made out of paper and cotton balls. It was a very basic design that I found a lot of freedom to work with. Of course, I went through Pintrest and found references. :)

Through looking through the book The Art and Craft of Paper Sculpture, I learned ways to cut paper to work with shadows.  This project contained a lot of mess ups and restarts because I had no idea what I was doing.  I have cut paper many times but never in the fine detail needed for this project. I enjoyed this project but do not see me working with many paper sculptures in the future.  Not only is it too time consuming for this class, it is also very tedious and requires that you do not have many breaks from it.  There is no good stopping point when working on this project because messes are made and supplies takes a while to get out everyday.

The halfeway point and the final piece. The base of the dress is a basic flower turned upside down.  I learned how to make the simple flower on a YouTube video.  It doesn't get much simpler than that. :)
 The topic that is most easily seen in this piece is texture.  Since the dress is 3D and all the paper is layered, the dress looks extremely realistic and textured.
Along for the Ride
Medium: Paper, Paper and more Paper
Allie Snyder
October 7, 2013