Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reflection Project (1)

For my first project in AP Art, I decided to work with reflection. I have not drawn in so long so it felt good to get back into the old habits of griding and working with exact measurements. Painting is very relaxing but challenging the more mathematical part of the brain and art is always a fun get away.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills
I focused on measurement and how glass changes shapes and distorts objects. I had never used colored pencils in this class and I wanted to explore with Prisma Colors. Learning how to draw with distortion is tricky. Your ind thinks the piece should look opposite of what the piece needs to look like.  I began to focus on the small areas of the photograph instead of the whole picture. I am very happy with how this piece turned out. I am loving the new comfort I have in using many bold and bright colors.  I am learning how to make my art one of my own, an original...
Artists Create Original Art
I set up the composition in my house using dinner clothes, sundae glasses, spoons, and money.  It took many shots and many meetings with Mrs. Rossi on what to add and take out of the images, but, in the long run, I was very happy I made so many changes.  I got an image and composition I loved that told my story...
Artists Communicate Through Their Work
I loved this idea with reflection  because it was not only a reflection  in glass, it was a reflection of my childhood. When it was a nice Sunday and my sister and I were well behaved, my parents would take us to the Salem Street Soda Shot. There we would have the most delicious, and probably most fattening, burgers, fries, and shakes I have ever tasted. Setting up this composition reminded me of those great memories at he now closes shop on Salem Street. 

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