Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hundertwasser Project (2)

My next project was inspired by the artist, Hunderwasser. Hunderwasser is known for his abstract arts in buildings and the colorful, textural shapes in his architecture.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills
I am not an artists who thinks as abstractly as Dr. Seuss, let alone Hunderwasser so this project took a lot of research and referances for me to fully grasp the artists style. I started my piece with shapes that were colored in in one solid color. The texture component of Hunderwasser's pieces was missing from mine.  I added pattern and shading to make the piece bold and flashy. I also added a more realistic image in the windows (across the street) to show how bold and flashy the actual building was it. The building was not meant to be normal.
Artists Take Risks
I had an idea but no plan going into this piece.  I had not clue what patterns, what colors, or what angles I was going to use in these pieces. All I knew was Hunderswasser's style.  I did not map out many of my lines with pencil first. I let my mind freely flow. I did use a ruler and pencil on the lines and angles that were crucial to making the building appear to be realistic and sturdy.  
Artists Collaborate
It is not uncommon for artists to ask another how a piece looks. When they do ask they are not looking for a simple, "Good," or, "Pretty!" They want to hear constructive criticism. Is there anything that draws there eye or could draw there eye? I believe that my AP Art class is very strong in this area. We all help with each others artwork and praise each others accomplishments. This piece required a lot of peer input because it was so far out of my comfort zone. I love the outcome!!

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