Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Steampunk Project 5

Steampunk is an artist that turns objects into gears and mechanical elements. I was crammed into completing this piece in one day.  This class has taught me how to create quality pieces on the spot. Time management was key. 

Artists Create Original Art

I began to think about the human mind and how it has many gears, or emotions, that are driven by time and place. I represented time and place by clocks and compasses. I have always been interested in psychology (my intended major at UNC Asheville) and I was more than excited to complete this bold art piece.My mind sees both cool and warm colors so I incorporated both in the piece. The black silhouette creates a strong message and contrast against the bold colors.  The clocks and the compasses are the only gears outlines in black marker, directly connecting them to the woman's body.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills 

Four out of my last seven projects have been in colored pencil. I  have really began to see the boldness that can come out in colored pencil (not to mention it is a lot easier to set up than paints).  I still enjoy painting more but the techniques I have learned and gained understanding for through using colored pencil has shown in my more recent pieces. Looking through old homework pieces, I saw how bland and boring my old sketches are. The homework pieces were very proportional (almost "cartoony") and did not portray a message.

Artists Take Risks

When maping out this project I only had the silhouette and the brain in my mind. I was going to leave the background white. Then, when Mrs. Rossi suggested I add more gears in the background, I began to realize that we are driven by more than just our times and locations. We are driven by what the world whats us to do and where the world wants us to be. This was perfect! I "winged" the background and loved the outcome. I have really learned that the less planned I am the more abstract and bold my art looks. My eye chooses the colors as I go and the pieces turn out to look like something I would have never imagined.

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