Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GRAND TETONS Concentration Project 2

This piece was inspired by a piece I did many years ago, right after I saw the Grand Tetons in real life.  After completing this picture I saw how much I have grown as an artist over the past year. I have more striking colors and a composition more appealing to the eye. 

Painting of Grand Tetons from Freshman Year Art I

Artists Have a Global Awareness of Art Making

Tracing paper
The history of the Grand Tetons is never ending. There are several tales hidden in the walls of the Grand Tetons.  The Tetons were given a french name and were explored on Louis and Clark's expedition to the west. Colter tagged along with Louis and Clark to see the Grand Tetons. I have not yet added in the history to this piece but I have finished the Grand Tetons. I love the landscape before the history is added so I am using tracing paper to make sure I love what I am about to add. I would hate to mess up what I already have.










Artists Develop Art Making Skills

I am more than happy with the colors and boldness of the mountains. The grass has almost every color imaginable. I love it! Starting with my first piece in Art 4, I have learned to add bold colors. Now I am taking it to an extreme, and I LOVE IT! The colors really reflect who I am. I have always searched for that small detail that would represent me in my art. I have finally found it. I am no longer afraid to add colors that may seem ridiculous at first. If it doesn't at first fit, I make it fit. I am the artists, I have that control.

Artists Reflect

Looking back, I would have saved a lot of trouble in the end if I was loose with my grasses brush strokes from the start. I first painted the grass in straight lines. What wild, tall, grass is stick straight? Giving the grass some turns made the piece appear to be more realistic. A skill I am still trying to master is being loose with my art. I am very measurement oriented and I need to break free of that.  I may, if I have time at the end, do some abstract art because I need to train my mind to be free flowing and not so geometric.

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