Saturday, March 22, 2014

Patchy the Dog (3)

Patchy is my friend, Maddie's dog. I decided to draw him because black is a harder color to draw in fur.  It takes abstract thinking when adding in other colors to provide texture.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills
Drawing fur on a animal with black fur is not easy. You have to include more than just black and grey to show the defined lines in the fur. I remembered that when you see black dogs in the sun, their fur almost looks blue.  I took this in consideration when I added in blue, turquoise, and purple. Then, with Mrs. Rossi's help, I added more and more black on top to define the fur.
Artists Reflect
After completing this piece, I do see many areas for improvement.  I need to become more comfortable when added in black for the fur. Mrs. Rossi had to practically drag my pencil for me when I was adding the black. I was so stuck on how I saw the piece that I did not see that the dog looked more velvety than furry without the black lines.  I need to learn to be looser too. I am very stiff when I draw. Fur is not stiff (unless it is geled...) and the black lines shouldn't be stiff either. I need to work with a flowing hand.
Artists Create Original Work
I took this picture of Patchy about three years ago at Bond Park when Maddie and I took him on a walk.  Of course, at the time I was not intending to use the image for any art project. I just wanted to take it because he was almost modeling for the camera as we sat in the amphitheater.

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