Saturday, March 22, 2014

YELLOWSTONE Concentration Piece #1



Allie Snyder 

Feb. 2014

Medium: Acrylic Paint

My concentration is national parks and there history. I want to capture the beauty in the national parks of America through there natural beauty and there unique histories.

Artists Create Original Art

I came up withe the concentration topic and composition all on my own. I am very proud because I feel that I have found myself in my art. I love history of exploration and who couldn't love the beauty of nature. Ever since the Romantic Era people have scene the beauty of nature.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills

I love painting. Ask anyone what I do when I am stressed, happy, sad, excited, or just calm. They will say, if not swimming, that I always have a paint brush in hand.  I found a unique skill of mine a few years ago when I put down the paint brush and picked up a palette knife.  I have only grown with this skill through projects like this.

Artist Have a Global Awareness of Art-making

My whole concentration relies on culture, history, and research of the national parks. The colors, mediums, and techniques I use in each piece are based on the unique histories of each park.  This park is well known for its beautiful (and stinky) thermal pools.  I also knew and researched about Teddy Roosevelt's contribution to the  Yellowstone National Park.  The history all lies in the Native Americans. I am 1/8 Cherokee Indian (which may be what led me to represent the histories of these parks) and wanted to represent American Indians well in my piece as an important building structure to the piece and also a figure of the past. The mountains represented this perfectly.

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