Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recyclable Stuffed Animal Deer (Wire,Plastic Bags, Fabric, Yarn)

The eyes are made out of soda bottle tops. These made for adorable big eyes.

We began this piece with just a wire outline (lost all the process pictures with my old phone).  The wire was shaped into the basic shape of a deer.  We then stuffed the wire structure with plastic bags. After the animal was stuffed to the seam, I added fabric to the outside and yarn to hold it in place.  The body is made of fabric and string to hold it together. 

 Artists Have a Global Awareness of Art-making

The whole point of this project was to learn how to use recyclable objects and create beautiful artwork. The wire, plastic bags and pop bottle tops were all from recycling bins or brought in from home (instead of throwing away).  I really learned how what some as trash can be seen as art materials to others. There is a art and use for everything. A true artist can see the art in all items, trash or luxury items.

Artists Create Original Art

The only guidance and references I used in this piece was a picture of a deer. I looked at its basic figure and went to town.  The piece was a very learn-as-you-go and add-as-you-need project. The instructor of this project was very helpful in adding in tips from her experiences. I love the final look of the deer because it is almost like I created a customized stuffed animal. Build-A-Bear to the extreme. 

Artists Collaborate

All throughout the lesson, the artists  in my class would recommend each other colors, patterns, decorations and other items to add to each others animals. The idea for a tale with the left over loose string I cut off the jagged fabric was given to me by the instructor. She said the ball of threads would represent the fluffy bottom of a deer's tail perfectly. I constantly ask Naya how my piece looks and what I should add on all my pieces (sorry Naya). She is an incredible artist that always has great input and ideas to put final touches on my pieces. 

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